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We apologize for our temporary reconstruction of the website. It was made necessary due to recent important statutory changes and new opportunities regarding erasing ‘Mugshot’ and Arrest Photos, as well as Sealing Restraining Orders, and Erasing and Removing sealed or expunged criminal records from Background Searches and the Internet, which will continue to be our special/exclusive capability.

We provide our service statewide, and can be reached at our Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Space Coast/Orlando, and South Florida offices, located in Central Broward, Central Palm Beach, and North Dade.

Call now! 954-FL-EXPUNGE (954-353-9786) to reach us in South Florida.

We look forward to speaking with you and assisting in your Free Evaluation Of Your Eligibility, and provide information about the convoluted and complicated 22-step process, without any charge or obligation to you. No office visit is necessary to begin the process.

Let us be Your First Step on the path towards the better future you deserve.

Unfortunately, nowadays records are no longer searched on court sites, but through private background check and Internet searches. So, Sealing or Expunging a criminal record or Restraining Order in Court or government records is just no longer enough to give you a fresh start or a level playing field.

Even those that have already sealed or expunged their court record are still being frustrated by continued denials of better employment and residences, as well as business and social opportunities, due to those records still being easilly available to anyone—family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers—on private background check and Internet data search companies, including those humiliating mugshot/arrest photo sites.

Sealing or Expunging your record from the Clerk's files is no longer enough —
You must Erase them where they are searched!

Fortunately, not only can we help you seal or expunge your record more affordably than our competitors, we also have special/exclusive capabilities to also help Erase and Remove the criminal history and arrest photos from almost all public or private access, nation-wide. That part of our service is crucial, because that is where your record is actually searched.

We are experienced and friendly legal document processors, dedicated for the last 16 years to affordably and expeditiously help with sealing, expunging, and erasing criminal records, including Restraining Orders and Mugshots. These solutions rarely if ever require any court hearings, nor the need for an attorney, but if you are still convinced that retaining an attorney will benefit you, we can refer you to one skilled in handling any hearings in your local court at very low cost.

We are dedicated to helping Floridians fulfill the processing of all the documents through all the many Florida Agencies and Courts needed to successfully accomplish the complicated process.

Thereafter, we can erase and remove those records from over 50 nation-wide background and Internet searches to properly overcome the hurdles, frustrations, and humiliation their past criminal record has caused them.

We remain sympathetic to how your past record has caused you and your family serious financial challenges, personal and professional frustrations, and loss of privacy. If you are ready to commence the process, we ask for fees hundreds of dollars less than our competitors, with LOW DOWN PAYMENTS and EASY, FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLANS, specifically geared to your financial circumstances.

We can start the process for those still on probation, and may be able to help those with convictions in their history.

We may also immediately help those with multiple mugshot photos from past cases, as well as Restraining Orders, even with convictions in their history.


Please call us now — 833-372-7369 or 954-353-9786 — for your free evaluation, and to inquire about our capabilities, competitive fees, and payment flexibility. We are available immediately, we always take your calls and call back promptly.

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We have all made mistakes in the past, but you have the right to achieve financial health and reach your personal potential. Let us help you.

When you are ready to commence the process, our fees are hundreds of dollars less than our competitors, with easy payment plans. Not only will we try to beat our competitors' quotes, but we will accept very low down payments so you can start the time-consuming process sooner than later.

Call us NOW! 833-ERASE-MY-RECORD (833-372-7369) It usually only takes five minutes, and can change your life.